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5 Tips to Make YouTube Work for You

I was the youngest child in my family and it was as struggle to get anyone to listen to me. As I got older I found my voice and things changed, but recently I started getting that childhood feeling again. Making a popular video or broadcast online is a struggle, because you have to compete with so many other options to be heard. This, however, is a blessing in disguise. More content means more people are watching and listening. Websites like YouTube and are allowing people and businesses to connect with an enormous audience at little to no cost. There are many success stories being made every week online but they almost never happen by accident. So how do these people and businesses find success in this crowded arena and get their voices heard?

youtube broadcast success
Businesses and people wishing to become heavy hitters in the online video and broadcast world have to make their goals clear. Success generally means, creating deeper engagement with your brand, directing traffic to your business site, or simply having many views. With that in mind, these 5 tips will help you increase your audience base, connect you with customers, and increase traffic to your sites.

Be prepared

When you set out to make a successful video or broadcast, make sure you have everything necessary before you begin. This is especially true if you plan on creating live broadcasts, because you won’t have the opportunity to find what you need while you’re talking with a live audience. This includes basics like microphones and cameras, but also a bottle of water and any sound bites or news articles you may want to comment on. Make a list and be comfortable with everything you will use before the broadcast starts. Prerecorded videos are also in need of planning, you don’t want to be ready to go with your whole cast present, and then remember you forgot a tripod.

Use the right keywords

People searching the web for interesting content generally click on the top results and rarely go to a second page of search results. Getting your video or broadcast to the top of the list is crucial and it is done in part by keywords. One of the ways search engine optimization gets you in the top spots is by using keywords. You don’t need to have your own SEO specialist to do this however. YouTube has a keyword tool that allows you to see what keywords are hot and similar ones that you can use to generate views. Other useful keyword tools you can use for broadcasts and videos are: (free)
Raven Tools (paid, but with free trial)

Advertise your advertisement

This may sound strange but it is actually a great way to get a large audience in a short amount of time. YouTube’s Featured Videos section is a paid service that puts your video near the top of YouTube’s users search results. This works great if you know your video will be a hit. However, if you don’t want to shell out the cash to advertise, you can connect with other successful YouTube channels. They are very important to connect with because they already have an established audience. Contact them, get your content in front of them and they will help get your content in front of their audience.

Use annotations and links

A well placed annotation in your video will help drive traffic to your site. This is a delicate process because the placement and timing is very important. For YouTube videos, just one annotation or link is enough, because they can be annoying and you don’t want it to ruin the viewing experience. Online broadcasts can also use links, and are especially helpful when you mention the link at the end of an interesting topic, your viewers will want to learn more and click on your site’s link.

Respect your product

Online videos and broadcasts are a product themselves. Your audience is watching your video because they think it will be something you like, and you need to guarantee this. Have you ever watched a video or listened to a broadcast online and by the middle, you realize you’re wasting your time? This is a very negative feeling and it will reflect on your business. Make your content interesting for short attentions spans with a series of sections, your content needs to reflect well on yourself and be something you’re proud of.

These 5 tips are crucial for your video or broadcast and are a great start if you want to connect with your customers, gain web traffic, or just become popular. Just like the successful pioneers in California, if you do your research and spend a little extra time preparing, you can do great things.


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