How To Start Your Own Radio Show



Do you really want to become a broadcaster and host your own radio show? Everyone has a desire to be heard, so who wouldn’t want to take up this offer? However, just like anything worthwhile, creating your own show or podcast demands a certain dedication, plenty of effort and a substantial time commitment.

What should anyone who’s just starting out know in order win the hearts of millions?

The Platform

The first step is to choose a suitable broadcasting platform, the place where all your broadcasts will take place. Nowadays, a host of providers with a wide range of features exist specifically to help you with most of your broadcasting needs. The list includes:;






…and many others


A few of these services are more well-suited to professional broadcasting while others are engineered for beginners. Price is an important criteria to consider. For example, Live365’s “professional” plans range from 4 to 100 dollars per month depending on the set of features included in the plan. In contrast, Radionomy is absolutely free. Determine the price you’re willing to pay and start learning your chosen platform in-depth.

The Topic

So, you’ve chosen a suitable provider for your show or podcast. The next step is to decide on a topic you’ll be speaking about on a consistent basis. Another point to consider at this stage is whether you can express yourself in a captivating, clear, and engaging manner. There are many individuals who can, so if you think your skills are no up to par, you might find it rather gruesome to get started. But at this point, we’ll assume you feel comfortable speaking in front of mic. At this stage, you just have to find the more relevant topic or and subtopics, ensure that you’re up to date on the latest developments in that domain, and start compiling your first few broadcasting scripts for your show.

The Format

Great, you’ve decided on what you’ll talk about. But what type of format should you pick? For example, you have the option of broadcasting live or recording and releasing your show episodes for on-demand consumption. A live format will necessitate that you really know what you’re doing, especially when it comes to expressing yourself on the fly. If you have some experience under your belt, great, but for those new to the craft, live shows might be too much to handle. In addition, the right format for your show will also depend on how complex or detailed the content will be on your show.

The Equipment

Take the pains to equip yourself with the proper equipment. This will ensure that your listeners stick around. You may have to shell out a small in order to acquire a good microphone, preamplifier, and equalizer, but how else can you ensure that show that will conquer the world?

Still, you have the option of resorting to “budget” equipment, but expect the sound quality and overall result to differ substantially.

Do You Need a License?

The law dictates that all official radio station must obtain a license. However, this rules does not concern individuals who podcast or stream their shows online. In other words, no official licenses are needed.

How Can You Become a Star? 

As you can see, the first few step in creating a show are rather straightforward. All you need is to choose a suitable platform, pick a topic you’d like to cover on your show, and proceed to recording your first few episodes. However, being able to attract an audience of significant size is a prerequisite for achieving big success in this field.

The two essential components of any hit show are engaging content and smart promotion. No podcast or show can be successfully if it lacks these two components, especially the latter. Thousands of radio-bloggers are left unnoticed on the Internet. Will you ensure that you won’t become one of them?


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  1. How can I play music for the listeners when they ask a request or if I’m gonna play a list of songs for the day? Thanks. 🙂

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