5 Ways Slideshare Can Engage Your Market



Slideshare is a free presentation sharing platform online, but that is putting it too simply. This platform can engage audiences from all different backgrounds and it is being used successfully from teachers to marketers and bloggers. These five ways of using Slideshare will hopefully convince you to give this service a second thought and take advantage of a rare opportunity where you can see big changes for no fee.


Curate your information


If you have a business or work for one, you have lots of news and many events. Just writing them down on a blog looks bad and is hard to understand. It makes the reader work too much and chances are, they will miss something important. With Slideshare, you can make your calendar of events and announcements much easier to read and if you are good, they can even be fun. Your customers will be more engaged with nice graphics, simple lines of text, and an easy to follow timeline.


Pair it with a broadcast


All of the innovation out there has brought about some pretty cool companies but when they combine, we get something really great. Slideshare is incorporated into other sites, such as Croice. Croice allows you to make a scheduled broadcast with announcements through widgets. Croice works great with Slideshare because it is an interractive broadcast where listeners can instant message each other and the host live. This is great for marketing because Slideshare provides a non-distracting but informational visual for broadcasts to help educate and inform the audience about anything from your product to the War of 1812.


Make it simple


Business and marketers work with a lot of data, and a lot of it is really interesting to us. Many times I told myself, this is interesting and important to me, but how do I make it interesting for everyone else? The main way is to make it simple and nice to look at. Infographics, entertaining progression of slides, and simple bullet points can get your point across even to the ADD inflicted mobile user.




To take advantage of Slideshare, you don’t need to make your own presentation. You can also read other’s for quick and easy to understand information. Marketers and writers will especially find this helpful as there are so many presentations available, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that isn’t on your subject. This saves a lot of time and can often link you to their own research which opens a lot of doors when you want to make an interesting article.



Connect with specific groups


Slideshare also helps you target a specific audience. If you are a teacher and you need to make an educational presentation for students who study from home or just need access outside of class, then this is great. Not just because of all the tools that are included in Slideshare, but also because you can password protect it. This way it is less likely your research will be taken. This goes double for businessmen and businesswomen who have some sensitive information that they don’t want to see on Yahoo News the next morning.



There are many other ways that Slideshare can help you with business, education, and community outreach. This list is just a good place to start thinking about it and to get your creative juices flowing. Let us know if you can think of another unique Slideshare helps you!


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