How to Create Your Own Radio Show

High quality image listening to talk radio broadcast

Headphone Listening to a Croice Broadcast on Stations Around the World. Talk radio stations and webinars.

Everyone likes to have their voice heard, but in the past this was a luxury only a few lucky people had. For common folk lie us, the best thing we could do was yell at the T.V. or talk to ourselves in the shower about what “I should have said.” Luckily, we now have online broadcasting. Regular people can have their voice heard if they know how. We are going to look at how to get started and start generating listeners for very low costs.



Most likely you already have an idea about what you would like to talk about. It should be something you are interested in, really interested in, and you know that many other people are as well. You need to be your biggest fan so your content is top notch and always improving. Lay out a plan of what you will speak about and how you will tie it in with things everyone cares about. A good place to start is to check out Google Trends and see what was popular in Google Zeitgeist.




Now that you have some idea about the topic of your broadcast, you need to find a service to broadcast from and gain listeners. There are many available options but, guess what, we prefer Croice. It allows you to start for free as well, and allows you to add Slideshare presentations to your broadcast. This makes it multi-media and allows you to create more interesting broadcasts.




The great thing about the speed and quality of computers nowadays is that they can handle almost everything themselves. If your computer is newer than 4 years old, then you probably will have no trouble handling a broadcast. The only investment you really need to make here to get started is a microphone. A good quality one won’t cost you too much and will make you sound more professional which will make listeners take you seriously. Blue Microphones make some pretty cool looking and good working microphones for less than you’d think.


Plan and Execute


Now comes the scary part. However, if you plan right, it will be more exciting than scary. Create an outline of what you will speak about, have a guest come in for an interview, and get ready for interaction. The great thing about online broadcasts is that they can be interactive with real time instant messaging between listeners and the host. You need to prepare for this, know what you’re talking about, and how to respond which all comes from preparation. A clear plan and perhaps rehearsal will calm you down and bring you a great show. Remember to take advantage of all the options the service provides you in order to stand out, and have fun!


These steps will get you started in the online broadcasting world. If you are a blogger, you can reach your audience in a new and interesting way, if you are a business you can have a webinar drive business, or if you are a hobbyist you can connect with likeminded people for an interesting exchange. Whichever position you’re in, online broadcasting can make a difference that might surprise you.

By Elliott Morrow


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