Why do People Love Broadcasts?


There are many forms of media, and they all offer something unique. Television offers a carefully scripted show for us to watch, and text posts allow us to read and reread at our own speed. However, there is also live broadcasting that is gaining popularity online. There are four reasons why live broadcasts are scooping up audiences that other forms of media can’t satisfy.



Facebook is one of the top 5 sites in the world because it provides interaction. People love to do it. There is nothing more interesting to a person, than another person, and live broadcasts provide that. Broadcasting services, such as Croice, allow broadcasters to interact with their audience through instant messaging and live-calling. The audience loves this because they can get instant gratification from talking with the host of the show and other listeners. They feel they are part of the show and not just a bystander, which increases engagement and brand development. The audience can also get answers quickly and even have fun arguing and getting their own opinions in front of other listeners.



A great benefit of live broadcasts is that they don’t need the audience’s full attention. For example, if you are watching TV, you need to listen to the TV and to look at it to get the necessary information, and in general you need to keep focused on what is going on. However, with live broadcasts, it is audio only and this allows people to listen to it while they are at work, studying, or driving along in their car. They can easily be engaged with the message or pay attention to the main points, while they are getting work done in another area. This is a huge benefit to audiences.



A unique feature to live broadcasts is due in part to its mobile capabilities. Broadcasting services allow mobile broadcasting, this means that listeners can have access to events and places they ordinarily couldn’t get access to. For example, a protest or private event will have lots of security and restrictions, and not everyone is willing to risk the danger or pay for the tickets. Also it is very difficult to get a press pass and to bring television cameras to many interesting events. However, with a live broadcast from a mobile device, millions of people can get first hand accounts of world changing and exclusive events.



The more you broadcasters are talking with their audience, the more engaged the audience will feel. Live broadcasts also bring a certain amount of trust, because although they can be scripted, they are live. The audience members calling into the show and the unpredictability of life makes the show more exciting. This also means that the audience will start to trust the broadcaster because broadcasters are putting themselves out there and it shows a certain level of transparency and confidence. As the audience starts to trust the host, they start to buy more into the host’s brand, and interact more in order to get information from an “expert” they trust. This is a valuable resource for an interested audience.


Can you think of another way that live broadcasting is unique?

By Elliott Morrow


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