Marketers Need To Broadcast Live

Outbound Marketing is becoming more and more antiquated. There will always be a place for it because it keeps it in the minds of everyone who sees billboards and commercials, but companies are increasingly allotting larger budgets for inbound marketing. This of course includes content marketing, social media marketing, and entertaining videos, but it also includes broadcasts.

Marketers are starting to take up live broadcasting online through services like Croice. They can fulfill part of their marketing needs and it makes businesses more well rounded. Marketers are turning to broadcasting because it offers somethings that no other form of media can.

Provides Varied Media

Many customers and audience’s of your brand have preferences for what type of media they like to consume best. Some like reading texts from blogs, some like videos, but also many love audio broadcasts. This is because it allows them to do multi-task while they listen to a broadcasts. The audience can listen to your broadcast while they’re at work, driving in the car, or anytime they want because they don’t have to be watching a screen that takes up all of their attention.

Allows Interaction

People love to interact with each other. This is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become so popular so fast, it fulfilled that need. Prerecorded videos and blog posts don’t provide any kind of interaction with the writer or host, except for a comment section which is often times ignored. However, with live audio broadcasting, the host is online and talking with the audience. Services like Croice also allow the audience to directly interact with the host and each other through instant messaging and live calling into the show. This creates a very interactive atmosphere that makes the audience feel included and part of something. As your customers go throughout their day, they will read many things and forget almost all of it, but if they interact live with your brand they will remember it for quite some time.

Creates Trust

When an audience can trust someone, they have a lot of power. Brands are constantly trying to earn this trust through customer service, and ad campaigns, but nothing beats actually knowing the people behind the brand. Broadcasts allow people to hear the voice of the company and interact with him or her. If the broadcasts are done on a schedule and they have value for the audience, people will tune in over and over and build a habit of listening. This creates a kind of relationship and builds trust so customers build a relationship with the brand.

Preserves Marketing Budgets

Many of the top companies understand how important marketing is. It is almost a sure thing that the companies that made it to the top invested more money and time into marketing. Broadcasting fits into this perfectly because it is very cheap for a marketing agency or marketing department to implement. The only real costs are for the service, which is free at the moment, a microphone, and a couple hours a week. This has a very high ROI because the amount of people you can connect with in a strong way is huge if your broadcasts are properly announced and executed.

These are just a few ways that broadcasting can really help marketers to increase engagement and conversions. If you can think of another way broadcasting has helped you with marketing, comment and let us know!
By Elliott Morrow


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