6 Steps To Get More Listeners

The number one goal of broadcasters is to find listeners, just as the goal for bloggers is to find readers. You can easily say that a large amount of listeners is the main mark of success for any broadcaster. As all good things, it is difficult. There is a lot of competition and listeners have such a huge assortment of broadcasts to choose from that you have to make yourself stand out and get the listeners tuning in to every broadcast. These steps will help you to find listeners and keep them.

Find Your Target Audience

Blogs and broadcasts that spread themselves too thin don’t make it because everyone has specific interests. You need to pick a theme and find out what audience will be most interested in your broadcasts. It is a good idea to make a list of the type of occupations these people might have, their locations, and other demographics that would help you narrow it down. After you have a list and a concrete idea about who your audience is, you need to reach out to them.

Reach Out to Potential Listeners

This may seem time consuming, well it is time consuming. However, it is necessary to start building a base and this base can multiply exponentially. Write emails and contact people on linkedIn and on Facebook (using graph search) who are influential people in your field. Announce what you are going to be talking about, why they should listen to you, and how you can add value to their professions or life. If you contact enough people, some will tune-in and if it is a quality broadcast, you may get written up in blogs and shared on social networks.


Content marketing is great for businesses and it also works great for broadcasts. Write up some quality articles and post them on your blog with all of the proper SEO to start getting organic searches. If you have written a great article, find other popular bloggers and submit a guest post with a link to your broadcast so it will start gaining popularity.

Use Forums

The topic of your broadcasts has a forum. Believe me. I belong to a very active antique straight-razor forum, and if that exists, then your topic does too. Become involved and trusted in the forum, offer advice for people. Once you have built up a bit of a reputation, you can start adding the fact that you have an entertaining broadcast coming up and encourage people to tune in. Forums are a place for spreading ideas and information and if your broadcast does well, it will be mentioned again and again on the forum.

Use Widgets

The widgets that Croice provides are great for getting listeners because they require little effort and can be seen in multiple places. This makes sure the “out of sight, out of mind” adage won’t apply to your broadcast. Embed widgets wherever you can and encourage other listeners to do the same. The widgets allow listeners to tune in from any place it is embedded and they are able to use the instant messaging feature as well. This helps to connect on multiple levels and helps remind people to tune in again.

Catchy Titles

I know this sounds a little lame, but it really does work. Many blogs periodically feature the most popular posts they have had during the year. Read the headlines of these posts and they will all be catchy and have some kind of hyperbole. Remember words like “cool”, “amazing”, “you wish you knew” and others. This may seem cheesy, but it works. The most important part of a title is getting the listener to click on the play button, so you need to do whatever you can to make the title appealing.

These steps will really help you gain more listeners to your broadcast and keep them coming back. What has worked for you? Share with us in the comments.
By Elliott Morrow


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