How to Add Humor to Your Broadcast

Funny Broadcast

Some people naturally possess a sense of humor and can keep us in stitches for hours. Others are so boring that we want to smash our heads until we have stitches. However, most of us are somewhere in between and we can always use a few tips on bringing humor to the important parts of our lives, including broadcasts.

Humor is important in broadcasts because it breaks up the onslaught of information they are facing. This causes it to be easier to listen to and gives some time for listeners to digest the information. It also makes the broadcast have entertainment value. People can tune in and know ahead of time they are going to laugh and have a good feeling by time the broadcast is over.

How do we do this?

Collect funniness throughout the day

You (hopefully) laugh throughout the day. This is free material ripe for the picking. Whenever your friends, a TV show, or a funny thought crosses your mind, just write it down. Soon you will have a collection of some funny anecdotes or situations that you can work into your show.

Identify your funny traits

Besides the most boring of the boring, we all have some situations in which we make people laugh. Perhaps, you are ignorant on some subject matter and it makes your friends laugh. Maybe, there are some things that annoy you and you are known to rant about it. If done animatedly and if your audience can relate, it can be some really funny material.

Look for things that no one likes

There are some near universal dislikes in the world. Pick some that aren’t too controversial and tell a personal story about it. For example you can tell a story about your trip to Russia in January, and how you even had to buy a glove for your iPhone (touch-screen compatible of course). However, stay clear of cliche’s like airplane food and in-laws, its been done to death.

Rewrite and Rewrite

It is rare your first draft of your planned broadcast will be up to snuff. Write a first draft, you can add some humor, but focus on the basics of what you want to convey to the audience. Then go back over it once or twice again and add in humor where it fits.

How does humor fit into your broadcast?

This is a tricky subject because every broadcast and topic is different. If your show is primarily a light and fun show, then humor can be inserted just about anywhere. However, if your broadcast is more informational, lets say for a blogger or a business, then the timing becomes more important. Starting out, you also don’t have to include humor throughout your whole broadcast. Create a reoccurring segment and use this as your platform for humor.If you decided to just go for it and add humor into many sections, it’s best to start off with a joke in the introduction, this sets the tone and lets the audience know that you are going to provide them with important information, but it won’t be dry. As your time goes on, insert humor into segments that are droning on too long, and try to work it in to just about every main topic. It is important to not be seen as a comedian, but to have an entertaining broadcast. In the end, finish with a joke as you start your Q&A session or pitch your website.

Don’t give up!

Adding humor to anywhere in life is a process. You can’t expect to be completely successful from the beginning and you will fall flat on your face many times. The best standup comedians still have these moments but they learn from them and keep pushing on. If something doesn’t work, ask yourself why, try it out on a few friends, and modify it. Picking up a new skill is never easy and adding comical anecdotes to your broadcast is no different, don’t stress about it and just have fun.


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