5 Tips to Create a Successful Local Broadcast

Create Local Broadcast

Broadcasts can serve many different markets, from events, to opinions, to news. Each type of broadcast requires hard work and research, but each one also needs a different format. This is what can make or break a broadcasting channel because you need to live up to your audience’s expectations. If you were a sports broadcaster and half of your broadcast was filled with songs, your listeners would be confused and probably not tune in again. Local broadcasts also have special requirements as well.

Broadcast live from Events

A great way to start broadcasting is to download the Croice app on your smartphone and bring it with you to events. These can include events like concerts, conventions, fairs, farmers markets and other events locals would be interested in hearing about. You should check the rules for some paid events to make sure your don’t get in any trouble, or just be very sneaky. At fairs and events that you can talk with people, include interviews, talk with employees, organizers, and other people enjoying the event. They can provide some great tips for your listeners and help them feel they are actually there.

Profile a Business

Pick a local business, call the owners, and set up an interview and tour with them. Find a place that has something special about it and highlight it. Maybe it is extra old, there is a funny statue in the front, it had a wild past or anything else that will teach listeners something new about something they already know. This is also a great way to get free food and drinks if its a restaurant!

Profile a Group

Chances are your city has local bands, group organizations, and others that always love free publicity. Set up interviews and also attend meetings or practices and take lots of photos and recordings that will fit great into your broadcast. This lets your listeners discover something new they might want to become part of and helps your local organizations as well.


Yes, this sounds boring, but it is great to have a weather update at the beginning middle and end of a broadcast. People appreciate it, and since you are only covering a small area, you can interject some funny anecdotes and commentary on the current weather.

Large city or Small town

This is a big difference for local broadcasters. If you live in a small town, you can and must cover all of the bases; businesses, groups, events etc. You will run out of material and listeners will get bored if you don’t. However, if you are in a big city, this isn’t as important. You can focus on a couple main things in your broadcasts because there is always so much going on in a big city. In San Francisco, every neighborhood has their own farmers market which is a lot of content already. Throw in some art fairs and neighborhood fairs and you have a whole local show on local events in your city.

Do you have a local broadcast? Share some tips with us!


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