5 Tips to Create a Successful Local Broadcast

Create Local Broadcast

Broadcasts can serve many different markets, from events, to opinions, to news. Each type of broadcast requires hard work and research, but each one also needs a different format. This is what can make or break a broadcasting channel because you need to live up to your audience’s expectations. If you were a sports broadcaster and half of your broadcast was filled with songs, your listeners would be confused and probably not tune in again. Local broadcasts also have special requirements as well.
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How to Add Humor to Your Broadcast

Funny Broadcast

Some people naturally possess a sense of humor and can keep us in stitches for hours. Others are so boring that we want to smash our heads until we have stitches. However, most of us are somewhere in between and we can always use a few tips on bringing humor to the important parts of our lives, including broadcasts.

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Best Microphones for Broadcasting

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 3.11.01 PM
There is a lot of emphasis put on how to conduct a broadcast, how to attract listeners, and how to keep them coming back next week. However, before you can even begin broadcasting, you need to have the right equipment. One of the most important parts of a broadcast is the microphone, if your listeners can’t enjoy listening to your voice, they will leave quickly. We are going to go over the best microphones for home broadcasts, so you can easily get started and keep to your budget.
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How to Add Background Music to Your Broadcast

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.32.30 PM

One of the easiest ways to make a broadcast sound more professional and refined, is to add background music. This can create a feeling with the broadcast and carries listeners along with you, so that even if there is a little dead air, they don’t get lost. Background music also sets the mood for the broadcast, it can create and exciting atmosphere for explain running with the bulls in Spain, a relaxing broadcast for children’s bedtime stories, or any other situation you can think of. This seems like a simple subject but sometimes it is tricky to really get music and have it fit. We will cover how to obtain music, select it, and use it in a broadcast.

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Why do People Love Broadcasts?


There are many forms of media, and they all offer something unique. Television offers a carefully scripted show for us to watch, and text posts allow us to read and reread at our own speed. However, there is also live broadcasting that is gaining popularity online. There are four reasons why live broadcasts are scooping up audiences that other forms of media can’t satisfy.
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How to Create Your Own Radio Show

High quality image listening to talk radio broadcast

Headphone Listening to a Croice Broadcast on Stations Around the World. Talk radio stations and webinars.

Everyone likes to have their voice heard, but in the past this was a luxury only a few lucky people had. For common folk lie us, the best thing we could do was yell at the T.V. or talk to ourselves in the shower about what “I should have said.” Luckily, we now have online broadcasting. Regular people can have their voice heard if they know how. We are going to look at how to get started and start generating listeners for very low costs.
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Radio is Important-And You Can be Too






We all like being important, right? If you answered with “no,” my answer to that is “liar.” Maybe you haven’t thought about it much, but you have something important to share with all of us. Many times the only people with voices are the ones we see on CNN and FOX News that make us not want to watch…CNN or FOX News. This is a shame because with such a powerful platform that influences so many lives, we should be able to get entertaining, intelligent, and all around better information. Luckily with the advent of the internet, anyone can influence and help each other. Blogging is a great way to share, promote content, and better the world, but it has been restricted to text. Now services like Croice and Live365 are allowing anyone to take part in audio as well. We will talk about why radio really is important and how you can easily and cheaply take part.


Developing Your Market


Increasingly, businesses are turning to content marketing to develop their customer base and hold on to existing customers. Many content marketers blog, but that can only go so far, as not all people like to sit down and read. Online broadcasting really hits a chord with some people and allows them to listen to a broadcast while they work or go about their day. Using an online broadcasting service allows you to:


-Create “how to” broadcasts that the audience loves

-Review products in real time

-Have audience interaction that keeps people listening and engaged

-Become personal with you audience who in turn trusts you and your product





Helping People


Online broadcasting allows you to reach anyone with a computer connection. In many countries, even poor ones, people have internet access. You may be surprised. Internet access in Africa and the middle east has grown by well over 2,500% in the last 10 years and makes up an increasingly large portion of the population. Many people in these countries don’t trust their news agencies because they are compromised and turn to the internet to understand the state of the world instead. You can help them greatly and really influence how they see the world by broadcasting online with your views and research that you have the privilege of conducting. You can broadcast about:


-Current events in closed parts of the world

-Your own government’s policies and agendas

-Research on how to make businesses more efficient and competitive

-Your country’s culture and experiences you’ve had


This can create a dialogue between many people in the world as they can interact through instant messaging and everyone can gain a better understanding. Remember Radio Free Europe and its sister stations? Yeah, broadcasting can be important and effective.







Making Money


We have already talked about how broadcasting can help market your products and services, but it can also make money itself because you can set it up as a class and charge money for entry. Webinars have become a big money maker lately and more businesses are turning to it. This is because it offers a lot for customers and businesses, you can:


-Mirror the content you already produce, but become more detailed

-Engage your audience deeply and can get them more excited about your product

-Drive traffic by funneling the audience through your webinar and to your page

-Create a lasting impressions because people won’t soon forget this kind of media


As long as you have a good and professional webinar, your conversion rates will increase and people will be more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about your broadcast. If your webinar is especially entertaining, it could even become a viral money maker for you.




But How?


If you are interested in creating your own online broadcast, then Croice and Live365 are the two best places to look. Croice offers a free start and an inexpensive way to connect with many listeners, place widgets all over the internet to alert your audience, and work with Slideshare to add a free visual element. Live365 is a professional broadcasting site that comes at cost but allows you to also use live video and songs that are all fully licensed. All you need is a little creativity, internet access, and to not be too afraid of becoming a very important person.